Tips and tricks to finding the best bargains on Amazon!

Do you like shopping? Do you enjoy the smell of freshly unpacked merchandise? Well who doesn’t? In that case, you will appreciate the following tips and tricks to save money and time!

First of all, shipping costs. Whenever I search for something to buy, I won’t lie, I always filter by shipping costs. If it is free then it is definitely a deal.

If you shop a lot, or you know over the next month you’ll be doing a lot of discounted shopping, e.g. Christmas shopping or moving home, sign up to Amazon Prime’s 30 day free trial and get free unlimited two day shipping.

Included in the Amazon Prime’s 30 day free trial is unlimited access to their huge e-book store with over 350,000 Kindle books to borrow for free and more than 800,000 free eBooks to download, 1-day delivery and access to over 41,000 movies and TV shows!

If you opt for the free trial, REMEMBER to set a reminder to cancel before the subscription ends, or you will be charged $99 for annual membership.

And what about lowering the price it self a little? If you’re thinking about buying an item, but it’s not urgent, like a laptop upgrade, check out Amazon’s upcoming deals section daily, and stalk what deals are coming up and how long they’ll be live for.

Amazon also have a ‘deals of the day’ section where they post a trio or so of the day’s best offers, on everything from food to fashion.

This can be as much as 70% off on baby monitors, watches, jewellery and fashion.

View Amazon’s Upcoming Deals here.

Check the Amazon’s Deals of the Day here.

Hurry up and get Amazon’s Lightning Deals here! (they don’t call them lightning for nothing…)



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